The Man in Black (antieden) wrote in dgraymyu,
The Man in Black

And so is the end of 2006's con season.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the end of the 2006 Con season. It was a big one for us, and we've already got great plans for next year, so please keep watching and supporting! We have a huge blast, and we're incredibly happy that you who are watching have been enjoying what we're doing so far! :D

Next up for D.Gray-myu is Anime LA in Van Nuys, CA at the end of January. Not only are we performing in masquerade, but I'll temporarily be stealing up Miranda for now. And please keep an eye out for some special costumes we're doing as well.

Also, as D.Gray-myu's been without a Rinali for sometime, please keep an eye here during the next few weeks for a casting application. Komui needs a sisterchan T__T

I know I haven't put the Ani-Magic skit up yet, but I've been moving, and am only updating here from my work computer. Therefore, no photoshop/link access. But that'll be up later this week. Special thanks early on to impassionable/Clover for helping us out greatly and filling in for Rinaliness at the last minute.

Also, everyone please welcome kotonaru! If anyone saw a Deesha at AX, that was her. She'll be our Fou, and of course always our Deesha. :D

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to playing again. :D
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